hello? anyone out there?


I know what you’ve all been thinking. Oh, Chelsea gets engaged and now is so boring that she has nothing to write about. Well, I’m back here to say that’s not true!! But, I’ll be honest in that there wasn’t a lot going on around Prague from March to June apart from cold and rain. Lots of rain. A whole darn month of it.


{this one time we were at a friend’s cottage and had to evacuate before the river flooded the only road out of the little village. at 7am}

I could list my excuses for non-blogging for days, but let’s skip that and just jump right into it! Now that summer has finally decided to come to the Czech Republic, I’ve been making up for lost time – weekend adventures, trips to new cities, driving a car with a manual transmission, you name it! I’ve got lots to blog about and I’m going to try to do several posts covering some of my adventures, big and small, from the past few months.

I’ll start with the biggest news of all: I got my visa! A real, honest-to-goodness visa that isn’t going to expire after a few weeks. This one is good for 5 years. FIVE! I applied for the Family Member visa in March and I could hardly believe it when I read online that it was accepted just 5 weeks later. Even while we were sitting in the foreign police office and they were putting the little book together, adding my picture and stamping it, I was holding my breath and just waiting for the woman to say “hold up. you don’t have some stupid paper that we never told you you would need and it’s gonna take you months to get it.” but she didn’t! She handed over a cute little blue book that looks like a passport and gone are the days of the evil foreign police! woohoo!


 So with this, I am officially ending my unofficial hiatus. Thank you to everyone who told me that you missed my posts. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special!

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