cat sitting


Daniel and I contemplate the pros and cons of getting a second cat probably more than most couples do for deciding to have a second child. Isn’t Oliver lonely? I think he needs a friend. But what if the new cat is a meanie-butt and picks on sweet Ollie? Sure, we have room for two cats now, but what about when we moved back to the city and into a smaller place?

Up until a few weeks ago Oliver had only had visual friends. The neighborhood cats would come by the window and Oliver would make all kinds of weird pigeon noises that would just break your heart. I wanted him to be able to play with the other cats, but I was so afraid that he would end up chasing them out of the yard, down the street, and into unknown territory and he would have a Homeward Bound situation and what if he didn’t find a nice dog to help him get home?

When my friend from Czech class, Caycee, asked if we would be willing to cat-sit for her while she and her husband went to the US for a week I pretty much blurted out “yes please!” Caycee and I have similar cat parenting styles. That is, spoil, over protect, and spoil. We were both pretty nervous about how the cats would do together, so we set up a play date to test out the waters a couple weeks before their trip. The play date did not go well. There was no playing, and definitely no dating. Oliver pretty much followed Popelka (Cinderella in Czech. so cute, right?) around while she hissed at him and hide in corners.


{popelka camped out on the stairs for hours, and wouldn’t let Ollie come any closer than this}

But, we decided to be optimistic and hope that they just needed to get use to each other. When Caycee dropped Popelka off a week later,  the hissing from Popelka and constant “hey, be my friend! please!!” behavior from Ollie went away after 24 hours and then they were best buds.


These days, Daniel and I have kind of chilled out a bit and each evening Ollie romps around the yard catching bugs and hanging out with his pals from the neighborhood.

cat6{ollie and friends}

PS. I debated whether or not to post this because I know I sound like a crazy cat lady. Turns out I just don’t care!

PPS. Video of Ollie playing fetch!


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4 responses to “cat sitting

  1. Shanelle

    Sososososososooooooo soooo happy about this post. I prefer Oliver updates to engagement, visa, or travel news. Hahaha! JK. But seriously if I were allowed to have a cat I would name it Guinness or Gandalf or Lyra or Hermionie and be a crazy cat mom.

  2. Jen

    Ollie would be a wonderful big brother! To a cat OR a dog.😉

  3. Okay, Chelsea, I always knew you would think long and hard on many topics but I just want to say that your crazy cat lady is a new look for you! And to think that Daniel was right there with you, processing the idea of ” to add another cat to the family or not” idea……… two are without a doubt a perfect match for each other. Warms my heart to know that you two will put that much consideration and care into the nurturing of a child….(“should we use cloth diapers or disposable? Let’s check recommendations on this, propose a theorem, test the available cloth and disposable diapers, compare our findings with recent polls of first time parents and then discuss it in our next semi-annual household meeting.”). When your dad and I decided on having you, we pretty much said, “Want to have another kid?” and then “sure, why not.”. Love this side of you!:)

  4. Angie

    I loved this post!!! I think you should definitely get a second cat for Ollie! I love having two – Laney plays so much more now with Blondie around and it’s just a little more scooping, not much 😉

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